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Helsinki Metropolitan Area Private Social, Health and Educational Staff 141 members!

All members of the JHL, the Trade Union for the Public and Welfare Sectors, are members of the association. We are your association. The task of the association is to protect the interests of its members, also occupational safety and health activities. The association organizes training and leisure activities for its members. Through your association you can participate in various events and influence the activities of the association. If you are interested in learning more about our activities, you can visit our homepage, Facebook page, Instagram account and contact us by email or phone!

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Instagram:                                     jhl141

The Board of Directors of our association is elected every two years at the autumn meeting of members. All members of the association are always invited to the meetings of the association and each member can stand for election to the board. A general meeting is also a place where you can influence the activities of the association. Invitations to official members' meetings will be emailed to members and will also be published in the union's magazine MOTIIVI, on the internet MOTIIVI, on its homepage, on facebook page and on instagram.


Abdulkadir Mohamud, Chairman, 040 528 9447 and

Orjo Pättiniemi, Vice Chairman

Valli Pruuli, Secretary, 044 041 5044

Valli Pruuli, Member Attorney, Immigration Liaison, 044 041 5044

Pertti Hietanen, treasurer

Board members: Petra Haapa-aro, Satu Peso, Orjo Pättiniemi, Olesia Chernyshova and Nawal Mohamud

Deputy members of the Board: Disa Maria-Dedette Berglund and Kari Ikonen

JHL regional activities specialists for South Finland regional office Simo Mäki and Matti Mamia


· Your employment ends / you change jobs / you become unemployed

· Your name, address or other contact information changes

· You start studying / doing military service / leave on alternation leave

· Leave on maternity, paternity or parental leave / parental leave / home care allowance

· Unpaid sick leave / sick leave / old age pension

· You move to another union, change association or when you want to leave

· Notice that your membership fees are late

Työsuhde ongelmiin tarjoaa apua JHL työsuhdeneuvonta, 010 7703 311, ma-ti sekä to-pe 9–15

(valitse kieli: suomi 1 / ruotsi 2 ja valitse alue 4, Etelä-Suomi)

Update your contact information in the member service omaJHL! Your contact information is important FOR your membership and safety. Please make sure that your membership information includes your personal phone number and email address!

You are warmly welcome to attend our member events, and trips!

The trade union Regards,

JHL Association 141 Board of Directors